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What sets John apart from other DJ's?  Professionalism. He will work with each customer, one-on-one, to establish the timeline of the reception and manage it, beginning to end.  He is meticulous but flexible, easily adjusting to changes that may occur during the event, but ensuring that things get back on track. John will work closely with your wedding planner, photographer, caterer and videographer.

John has over 25 years of experience with special events, including small and large weddings.  He will work with you, your event planner, and/or other person designated by you, before and during the wedding, to ensure that everything turns out perfect for your special day.  John discusses the desired music for the reception with each bride and groom so there are no surprises.  He also regularly monitors the guests during the event, modifying the play list order according to how the guests are engaging.  John has experience making various announcements and emceeing these events, ensuring they are fun during the evening, with clean dance music the family can enjoy during the reception.

When you contract with DJ for Hire, you not only hire a DJ, you hire a Director of your event reception.  Compared to other wedding DJ's in San Antonio, John is known by other vendors, and various venues, as a professional who sets a standard of excellence.  John is retired after serving 26 years in the Air Force, and as such, attention to the details of your reception is critical.

Thank you for considering John as DJ for your special day.